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16 February 2013 @ 08:03 pm
And I'm full of a roast dinner and relaxing while the wonderful guy that happens to be here washes the dishes. Then I'll whip some cream and tuck into some trifle. Wa-hey Saturday night indulgence! I'll call it a Valentine's Day thing. Which is bullshit since neither of us care about the fake holiday but still. Oooh, we'll make it happy Lawn Day since we laid some lawn in our back courtyard today. I've always hated lawn and thought it was a horrendous waste of water and other resources and totally unsuited to the Australian climate. Now I want somewhere for my kid to play that's not hot bricks. We will be watering with greywater at least.

We had a some awesome times after dinner. After a massive banshee-like afternoon (quite normal) we got lots of cuddles and kisses and new games and words. This is the best age. I say that about every age though :) Tomorrow we're taking Squid to a gig - Justine Clarke performing with WASO at the zoo. Come on, could it get better than that?
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04 February 2013 @ 10:05 pm
I'm so busy procrastinating it's hard to keep up. I know I definitely fit more into a day now, but the times I relax, it's never really relaxing. I've spent hours tonight stuffing around online with a nagging commentary in the back of my head about how I'm wasting my night and I SHOULD be sewing a monster for a raffle prize or I SHOULD be getting daycare things ready or SHOULD be doing the tax. Life would be a lot more enjoyable if I shoulded less and did more :)

That said, I cleaned out the bathroom cupboard on Sunday to immense satisfaction. Holy cow, I threw out stuff that's been following me round, moving house with me for years. I found a lipstick I bought in high school. High school. That was nearly two decades ago. Urgh.

Good Sunday all round after Satisfying Chuck Out. Introduced the child to Guitar Hero, but he was way happier playing guitar with his Dad. This is a good thing :) Spent some time with my family for a birthday and then an impromptu dinner at a local noodle house and a stop off at a bookshop. Good times.

The more time I spend on here the more I get the shits with Facebook. Probably because I like the fact that noone's here and it's a tad garish seeing everyones' lives, loves, what they had for dinner, what they're doing and who's currently snubbing you/unfriended you/changed your access rights *gasp* all the time. It's a lot of information about a lot of people. And I think I need to slow down, enjoy the flowers my son gives me, and leave off a whole lotta people that don't matter.
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13 January 2013 @ 06:50 pm
So a LJ fiend of mine got married yesterday. I got to see bits of it via the wonders of facebook and instagram and I got all teary; I'm so unbelievably happy for her. You see, I consider this person a friend even though we met randomly via LJ many years ago and have only met up once when I was on the east coast on holiday. It got me thinking about the other friends I've met through Livejournal and continued the friendship on facebook, even though we haven't met, and there's a few of them! On Facebook, if someone I don't know adds me I won't add them back. On Livejournal, there's the whole anonymity thing going on. I can safely post to my heart's content out here publicly and read other people's thoughts too. And if we like each other, hey, let's be friends.

I wouldn't have met some amazing friends if it wasn't for this little place, and Livejournal? I'm sorry I left you. If you don't mind, I think I'd like to come back if you'll take me. Probably not very often (or hell, maybe all the time. God knows I don't write enough anymore!) but I'd like to start seeing you again.

Let's journal like it's 2005, baby.
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26 December 2009 @ 12:13 pm
*gasp* a post!

Poor LJ. Have we all forsaken you for Facebook? NY resolution #1: use this thing more. Even just so I can look through in years to come at what I was doing. Thinking about the sheer enormity of a catch-up entry has been what's stopped me doing one before now. Instead, I'll just write some random things!

I bought a house. It's probably around 80 years old and, yes, falling down in places (but nothing major). I fell in love with it. I know you shouldn't make emotional house purchases and I probably paid more than I should have, but it was our house as soon as we walked in. It's a weatherboard cottage and iron roof with a small courtyard out the back, which will become my urban permaculture wonderland, eventually. I'm learning all the wonderful aspects of home ownership, including watching as my interest rate rises every single freaking month and getting the royal run around from various tradies. Fun. We're in a great area near a cafe/restaurant strip with the BEST burger bar and coffee shop AND cafe for breakfast all within walking distance. So guess where we can be found? *grin*

"We" being Nathan and myself, who've been together for about 2 years against all odds, considering how we started out. Best relationship ever. I'm sitting here trying to think of how to sum up *why* we work so well in a few sentences, but it's hard. We just work. We mesh. We take the time and effort to make each other happy in those tiny ways every day that are so important. Yeah, it's good :)

I've just had the best xmas I've had in quite a few years. Ever since an ex broke up with me a few days before xmas (therefore kicking me out of his house to boot) god knows how many years ago, I've had a Christmas Curse. *Something* happens in the lead up and it's usually a break up or something similar. This year was wonderful, despite my brother and his family being OS. We just had family round for lunch, more pop-in family members in the afternoon, and friends round for a Settlers game at night. Perfect. Uncomplicated. Good food, wine and CAKE! Lovely presents :) Nathan spoiled me horribly. I gave him a list with heaps of options but turns out he got most of then and more! Wii fit (hooray!), a gorgeous teapot, a wine bucket, skipbo, A DINOSAUR!, some jewellery, a jigsaw mat....lucky lucky me. Mum and Rob gave me my very first power tool - a sander :) PHWOOOAR! I'm going to strip my old wardrobe down and paint it. They gave Nathan a DIY book, which we sorely need. We may be hopeless but we're keen to learn!!

Sooo many things I want to do around here. I need to build some raised garden beds out the back to start my permaculture :) I recently did a course in it and LOVE it! My dream would be to actually use my soil science degree (since I don't at work!) and perfect soils :) My dream (and goal) is to make a business out of permaculture design. Trick is finding some time to get this stuff off the ground. It will happen, maybe not in the short term, but it will. I'm determined.

So there you go. Wow, it's remarkably easy to fill up a whole lotta space with mindless dribble! Kinda like my brother's golden retriever, who's sitting dopily next to me. I love dogsitting :) I hope everyone out in LJ land is well, happy and fulfilled.
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30 November 2008 @ 11:30 pm
Is your cat plotting to kill you?
02 September 2008 @ 09:41 pm

Your result for The Heart Test...

Patron Saint's Heart

You are 40% Independent, 50% Idealistic, 50% Intimate, and 90% Indulgent!

The Patron Saint's Heart
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06 July 2008 @ 10:09 am
I had a glorious 6 days off in a row last week that made all the working hard before and after worth it. We went to Margaret River for 4 days, staying with Nathan's parents on the most beautiful property. OMG. We had the 'big house' to ourselves - a huge two storey Edwardian style house that used to be the Bed and Breakfast part of the winery. Wow. Waking up to a panoramic view or the property from the bed made getting up pretty damn hard. The first night there we all got horrendously drunk on the organic wine they make there. Nathan's mum dubbed his dad Captain Top-Up as we sat at their kitchen table polishing off 5 bottles of red between three of us while his mum drank the chardonnay. We staggered down the hill to the big house at midnight and played drunken pool (weekend tally Wendy: 6; Nathan: 2 heh). Massive hangovers ensued. We spent Sunday playing Tourist and went to breweries, bought cheese (so much cheese), soaps, coffee, chocolate...all the hedonistic pleasures. Archis was a good boy and made it down and back no worries. Good thing I got him serviced - he's running *so* well now. Had a couple more days off in Perth including Nathan's birthday, for which we lazed around watching Red Dwarf (my bday present to him), eating french toast with maple syrup and blueberries and went to Lava Stonegrill for dinner. So much fun: you cook your own meat on a heated volcanic stone at the table. Thanks to Ruza for the suggestion :)

We went and saw Gonzo last night  - doco on Hunter S Thompson as part of the Revelation film fest. Go see it if you have an interest in him - I really, really enjoyed it. Other sessions are 3pm today and 9pm Monday.

Today I might go back to bed with one of the Anthony Bourdain books I bought. Chef/writer/tv dude. Very engaging writer actually. Or I could get myself ready and go do something today and enjoy the sunshine.

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23 May 2008 @ 09:21 pm
* I just read back through some LJ entries and realised how often I write 'mint'. Odd. And strange even. Go the wide vocabulary.
* Healthiest winner competition is still on. 5.3kg in 3 weeks but the weight loss is starting to slow down *curses body*. I'm enjoying the gym...like, really enjoying it - kinda scary. I got a rush doing cardio yesterday which, as you know, is so NOT me. Strangeness abounds, so it seems!
* Looking forward to an all day tea session with Amber tomorrow YAY
* Saw Spicks and Specktacular last night (mint)
* Muzz got me a ticket to Bill Bailey in September...FRONT ROW! *bounce*
* Going to go to Sydney/Melbourne at the end of August now instead of July - Fratellis have announced a Perth show so I don't have to fly over there to see them. This is good - gives me more time to do my website before I take everything to Alex in Sydney, and it's better timing with the whole Ruza popping out a baby and all ;)
* Oh dear, I've run out of steam. Surely I had something interesting to post.

Obviously not.

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08 May 2008 @ 08:57 pm
is going remarkably well! I had my first weekly weigh-in at work today as part of the Healthiest Winner competition...and I've lost 3.4kg. WOOT! More than that though, I haven't had caffeine or alcohol in over a week and I feel fantastic. Well, once I got past the blinding caffeine-withdrawal headaches that lasted til Sunday I did! I'm doing exercise every day and going to the gym 3 times a week. I'm eating Healthy McHealth food with no wheat, dairy, red meat, chicken or sugar and as little fat as possible. I'm  rediscovering cooking again and my inner vegetarian.  Things are pretty peachy keen really. Maybe there's something to be said for this healthy living thang. Though if I have to sit in another cafe and order a herbal tea I'm going to die of embarrassment. At least I can have caffeine again in a week's time! I'll try to limit it to one GOOD cup per day though.

Now I'm just rambling. After a body balance class at lunchtime and walking home from work, I'm knackered. Time for Gordon Ramsey and knitting...or just zzzzzzzzzzzzz. G'night peoples.
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20 April 2008 @ 09:49 am

Lots of Sally Schmoo Puggle hugs to you.
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